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Our Investments

Let's Build Something Phenomenal Together!

Impact Investing

People Before Profit

While we consider a wide range of industries, products, and services, we are mostly excited about impact investing. Our goal is to work with a few selected founders to help creating a better world.

We invest by offering funds and/or professional services in exchange for equity.

Some of our investment interests include:

01. DEI, HR , Communities
02. Socially Responsilble B2C
03. Tech for Good

Funds + Professional Services

We only get involved when there is a strong opportunity to work together for the long term. We are not chasing the next round of investment or hyper growth. Instead, we are excited to work with founders on creating sustainable and profitable growth.

We Go Beyond Providing Capital and Aim to Cover What Traditional Angels and VCs Do Not Offer

World Class

Growth Services for Pre-Seed and Seed-Stage Startups in Exchange for Equity

Early-stage startups often lack the financial means to secure enough capital to attract top-tier talent in product, branding, and marketing. Our services, particularly our flagship ‘Fractional Cofounder’ program, allow you to access these talents without the financial burden or the need to give up significant equity.

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